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One of Ray Johnston’s specialties is Commercial Photography for businesses of any size. There’s no need to explain why your product or service needs a good photograph. Whether you already have an established business, you’re a new independent entrepreneur or part of the big company, you may need help introducing a product to your potential customers.  Remember – one picture is worth a thousand words!

One of the Ray’s resent customers, Solliton Technology Limited has developed and built this incredible device called “Glove-a-Glove”, which will help industrial or medical employees protect themselves from holes in rubber gloves and make it easier to put gloves on.

Call Ray Johnston Photography and set up an appointment for Commercial Photography which can be done in our studio or your location.

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May 6, 2015

With the highly anticipated release of the new Apple Watch, Ray Johnston Photography has been busy photographing used watches for sale on eBay.  We’ve seen many NICE designer watches that our customers have wanted us to photograph to maximize the sales potential on eBay.  Our customers know a nice photograph can increase sales potential over 30%.

Here is a beautiful solid gold with diamond Geneve watch that Ray Johnston photographed earlier in the week.   Ray informs customers, “if your looking for over $500 for the sale of an item on eBay, spending the money on a good photograph is crucial.”


When selling a product or personal item on eBay or Amazon, first impressions are everything and Ray Johnston Designer Photography can help you make the most of every image to maximize sales and profits.  Whatever you are selling Ray Johnston Photography can help you make it look better.

For example, to capture the subtle details of a fine Swiss watch, allot of experience and patience are what it takes.  Using state of the art commercial photography techniques such as exposure blending, HDR or focus stacking, consumers know the difference and will make a decision about the quality of your product based on a fine impression.  Selling that precious product and maximizing the amount you will sell the item for, all depends on the best impression.

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April 22, 2015

Engagement, Best Friends, Partners, Anniversary, Couples photography, showing the love, the connection, at Ray Johnston Photography the passion is what the portrait is all about!  Couples Photography can share a partners favorite activity, a favorite place to visit and a favorite time of the year, maybe a spring or fall anniversary?  Also this unique portrait idea is a great gift to your soul-mate, family and friends.


Commercial Photography is becoming more of an important investment for any business, especially on the internet when sharing a story and marketing products.  Ray Johnston Photography specializes in conveying a companies image with photography.

Web site photography should share a business’s image with their customer and entrepreneur MAYA CHALEE understands this.  A picture is worth a thousand words on a web site or blog and photography is an investment that if done properly, can increase business sales and new customers for many years to come.  Visit Maya Chalee’s web site to learn of Maya’s amazing business and her Art of Intuition.   View the photography captured by Ray Johnston.  Her web site can be viewed at http://www.mayachalee.com.

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Ray Johnston Designer Photography Davis, CA