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Davis Senior Portrait and Head Shot Photographer Ray Johnston captured a portrait series of a musician in his element.  During the photography session to capture the musician’s head shot posing with his cello, Ray asked Patrick to play a part from the Elgar Cello Concerto.  While he was playing, Ray photographed him creating this triptych series.

This year’s Davis High School Concerto Competition Winner, Patrick Baek will perform the Elgar Cello Concerto with the DHS Symphony at the 20th Annual Wennberg Music Festival, March 6th, 2:30pm at the Mondavi Center.



February 24, 2016

Every once in a while Ray Johnston Photography has the opportunity to photograph a head shot of a Local Hero receiving a UC Davis Lifetime Achievement Award.

This Local Hero is Roneka Muhammed, a Supervising Registered Nurse II, California Correctional Health Care Service nurse leaders, managing the clinical operations and Public Health at Folsom State Prison and Folsom Women’s Facility.  It is quite the prestigious honor to receive this Lifetime Achievement Award:  The UC Davis Award for Seeding Improvements in Education Policy and Practice.

Roneka explains, “Basically, my patient population consist of California state prisoners. I noticed that a great number of them had documented histories of having a learning disability or as having had special education services. I began to ponder whether or not there was a link between children in special education and the elevated number of adults with that history having outcomes as inmates. This inquiry lead me to my research work at the UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing as a graduate student. I will graduate in two short weeks with a Master of Science in Nursing and Healthcare Leadership. I believe that I will continue to use my energy to promote equity in education for children in special education and with learning disabilities. My angle is that public funding to support the big business of recidivism (prevention of return to incarceration) should be rerouted to support better public schools and programs that will prevent entry into the prison system. Receiving this award has boosted my energy to continue to ask questions and seek solutions.

Thank you Roneka for you hard work and dedication.  It was a pleasure to photograph your head shot which will accompany your UC Davis Lifetime Achievement Award.

UC Davis Lifetime Achievement Award Photography by Ray Johnston

UC Davis Lifetime Achievement Award Photography by Ray Johnston

Ray Johnston Photography Studio can help you with any passport photo requirement whether an International Passport or Visa which can be very different from country to country – different background colors, facial expressions, print sizing, lighting, face size, black and white or inappropriate shine on the skin or shadows in the image.

The United States passport photo will NOT substitute as a passport photo in most countries.  Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, German, British, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, British or Irish, just to name a few, have different passport photo with the correct biometric requirements.  Many customers come to our studio after their passport photo has been rejected, many times due to a United States Passport submission or a smile when a country requires a neutral facial expression.  Countries like Canada require the photography studio to endorse and date the back of one print.  Ray Johnston Photography offers a RUSH passport service by appointment.  All appointments take an hour and prints or digital images are delivered with a photo approval guarantee to be accepted by the country of application.  Save yourself time and frustration.  Hire a professional photographer with international passport experience and get it RIGHT the first time.

Notice the samples below.  The square United States passport photo is one of the few countries which allow a smile.


California is a hot spot for Industrial, Technology and Service related businesses and One of Ray Johnston’s specialties is Commercial Photography for businesses of any size. There’s no need to explain why your product or service needs a good photograph. Whether you already have an established business, you’re a new independent entrepreneur or part of the big company, you may need help introducing a product to your potential customers.  Remember – one picture is worth a thousand words!  Drive new and repeat customers to your business success!

Call Ray Johnston Photography and set up an appointment for Commercial Photography which can be done in our studio or your location.

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New Year 2016 is off to a busy start for our studio and updating clients Head Shots has been first on the list at Ray Johnston Photography.  Business people are now understanding the importance of a custom quality head shot for their Linkedin or business web site.  Take advantage of a free consultation prior to your Head Shot photo session where Ray Johnston will discuss your profession – image vision, background style and color, casual or formal pose, clothing options and lighting styles.

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