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May and June are busy months here in Davis and Ray Johnston Photography photographs many discerning University of California Davis Graduates.  Both UC Davis undergrads and Grad School graduates should mark this special occasion with  a portrait to remember for a life time.

You deserve the very best.  Ray Johnston Photography is located in Downtown Davis with a beautiful, state of the art photography studio.  Traditional cap and gown is provided with many different beautiful hand painted backgrounds to choose from to capture the special portrait.  Capture a senior portrait that will showcase this important time of you life.


UC Davis Grad School Graduate

UC Davis Grad School Graduate

Photographer Ray Johnston visited Davis’ University Retirement Community to photograph an editorial portrait of retired nurse Derry Ann Moritz who focused on Hospice care during her career.  She is quite the pioneer.  She is being honored by Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University Nursing who asked Ray Johnston to photograph Mrs. Moritz for their University magazine.  Thank You Derry Ann for over fifty years of dedicated work in health care.


Business people understand the importance of a Custom Quality Head Shot for their business web site or Linkedin and Custom Head Shots are a specialty at Ray Johnston Photography.  Take advantage of a free consultation prior to your Head Shot photo session where Ray Johnston will discuss your profession – image vision, background style and color, casual or formal pose, clothing options and lighting styles.

After HM Clause Seed Company employee met with Ray Johnston for a pre-photography consultation, Ray came up with the idea of the Head Shot background below, showcasing trees in the environment,  perfect for the environmental friendly company employee.  The second image showcases the green, environmental friendly clothing photographed in front of a hand painted canvas background, and the color compliments the clothing.

Have a head shot idea?  Share your clothing attire with us and we’ll help you with the right lighting, pose and background during a FREE pre-photography consultation.


One of Ray Johnston’s specialties is Commercial Photography for businesses of any size. There’s no need to explain why your product or service needs a good photograph. Whether you already have an established business, you’re a new independent entrepreneur or part of the big company, you may need help introducing a product to your potential customers.  Remember – one picture is worth a thousand words!

One of the Ray’s resent customers, Solliton Technology Limited has developed and built this incredible device called “Glove-a-Glove”, which will help industrial or medical employees protect themselves from holes in rubber gloves and make it easier to put gloves on.

Call Ray Johnston Photography and set up an appointment for Commercial Photography which can be done in our studio or your location.

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May 6, 2015

With the highly anticipated release of the new Apple Watch, Ray Johnston Photography has been busy photographing used watches for sale on eBay.  We’ve seen many NICE designer watches that our customers have wanted us to photograph to maximize the sales potential on eBay.  Our customers know a nice photograph can increase sales potential over 30%.

Here is a beautiful solid gold with diamond Geneve watch that Ray Johnston photographed earlier in the week.   Ray informs customers, “if your looking for over $500 for the sale of an item on eBay, spending the money on a good photograph is crucial.”


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Ray Johnston Designer Photography Davis, CA