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With the holidays right around the corner, the perfect gift is Photography Restoration and Ray Johnston Photography is an expert in restoring those cherished images.  We all have many old photos laying around the house or within boxes in storage.  Some of the photos have faded, damaged by the sun, moisture or physically torn or creased.   Due to oxidation, the original prints tend to fall apart over time.  Many times our studio barely catches an old print in time for restoration and notice many little pits and thousands of little holes which grow over time, slowly disintegrating the photo.

In addition to the restoration, we will make an archival print, using water resistant inks, and is sprayed with a UV protective coating.  Furthermore, we seal the back of the print my mounting it to art board.  A TRULY ARCHIVAL print is designed to last for many years to come, being able to share our family history with loved ones now and into the future.

Here is an example of an image before and after Photography Restoration by Ray Johnston.



October 15, 2014

Creative Maternity Photography has been a specialty at Ray Johnston Photography for over twenty years, and for the expecting mother to be, the beginning of a long term Family Photography relationship with our studio.  We recommend photographing the pregnant mother close to 8 months of her pregnancy and we understand this precious time is a once in a life time event.

Being creative during the maternity photo session will make this moment of your life unforgettable.  A first time mother or a family of four, we invite the immediate family to participate in this memorable moment.  One way to share this moment in time is to have the siblings show their joy and excitement towards their future brother or sister.


A good head shot without cosmetic editing is an incomplete head shot.  At Ray Johnston Photography, we understand good three dimensional lighting, background color, pose and camera angle are not enough to make the perfect head shot.  To make a great shot shot, we suggest cosmetic editing to really make the head shot shine.

Here is a head shot that looks good on it’s own but after some digital retouching the image looks much better.  Notice the before and after editing of the image below.  Hints of white to the teeth and eyes, reducing lines, tie adjustment, lightening and darkening areas can attract and distract different areas of the face, making one look more refreshed, alert and ready for the job.


The downtown Davis 2nd Friday ArtAbout this October 10th at Ray Johnston Designer Photography Studio will mark the fourth year of participating in this art lover’s event.  Ray has hosted many artists over the past four years, many new and upcoming as well as seasoned professionals displaying their photography, sculptures and paintings.  The summer balcony series has been a huge hit featuring a third floor view of Davis, DJ music, wine tasting and local – seasonal – creative – hors d’oeuvres .  The one night reception usually starts at 6 pm and hosts hundreds of guests till 9 pm.  This 2nd Friday will host photographer Jason Branz, hand selected by Ray Johnston as one of his favorite landscape photography artists.  The title of his show is California Road Show.  Jason’s photography has been showcased at the studio for over eight different 2nd Friday shows.  If you haven’t seen his photography then this Friday is a must see.  We look forward to seeing you Friday.

rayshow1 rayshow2 rayshow3

A Head Shot Photography consultation is just the beginning at Ray Johnston Designer Photography.  Many corporations require a certain background color for every head shot on their web site.  Here are a few background colors offered from Ray Johnston Photography.  Some backgrounds are low key-  dark, and some are high key – light.  For those small business not requiring a uniform background, Ray will recommend a background that compliments hair, eye color, clothing and the type of business one does.  Custom Head Shots are a specialty at Ray Johnston Photography.  Why not put your best foot forward?

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