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When California rivals the San Francisco 49ers vs. Oakland Raiders football game showdown takes place, a family portrait remembering the passion for our beloved teams and the NFL can be a fun, memorable Family heirloom designed by Ray Johnston Photography.

During a pre-photography consultation, Ray will suggest bringing all the fan wear to add color and team preference, adding drama to the portrait.  On game day, after the portrait is hung proudly in your home, your football fan friends will be jealous of such team dedication and family fun.



December 3, 2014

The Northern California Autumn window is a short one.  Fall colors are brilliant, bright, colorful and Ray Johnston Photography will create a portrait that will bring many smiles for a lifetime.

How much fun is it to hang from a Gingko tree only to drop into a big pile of leaves just below?   The smile on this little one’s face says it all!


There’s still time to have a unique, fall family portrait created by Ray Johnston.  There are still many beautiful sets of trees filled with color.  Don’t forget to surprise loved ones with a fun holiday card!

Commercial Photography is becoming more and more of an important investment, especially on the internet when sharing a business’s story.  Ray Johnston Photography specializes in conveying a companies process with photography.  Ray Johnston Photography has twenty years experience in photographing Bio Technology, Industrial, Agriculture, Medical, Wholesale and Retail Commercial photography.

Web site photography should share a business’s process with their customer and Sundstrom Hill Winery understands this.  How does fine wine end up in a bottle with cork and label?  Sundstrom Hill Winery customers want to know.  Seeing the production of the wine they enjoy helps customers know and appreciate what really goes into a hand crafted bottle of wine.  A picture is a thousand words on a web site or blog and photography is an investment that if done properly, can increase business sales and new customers for many years to come.

Begin the New Year with Photography that will move your business ahead.  Sign up before the end of the year and receive 20% off your first order.  Offer expires 12/31/14.

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November 19, 2014

Photography Restoration is a specialty at Ray Johnston Photography and Ray, a true artist, is an expert in restoring those cherished images.  We all have many old photos laying around the house or within boxes in storage.  Some of the photos have faded, damaged by the sun, moisture or physically torn or creased.   Due to oxidation, the original prints tend to fall apart over time.  Many times our studio barely catches an old print in time for restoration and notice many little pits and thousands of little holes which grow over time, slowly disintegrating the photo.

In addition to the restoration, we will make an archival print, using water resistant inks, and is sprayed with a UV protective coating.  Furthermore, we seal the back of the print my mounting it to art board.  A TRULY ARCHIVAL print is designed to last for many years to come, being able to share our family history with loved ones now and into the future.

Here is an example of an image before and after Photography Restoration by Ray Johnston.  Have Ray Johnston Photography restore an image before December 1, 2014 and receive 20% off the restoration and archival printing.



November 12, 2014

Twenty year Family Portrait Photographer, Ray Johnston understands how Pets enrich our lives and are valued members of the family.  Just as a family portrait, a timeless family heirloom hangs proudly in our home which brings a smile to our face every time we look at it, a Classic Pet portrait, showing character, color and breed also deserves a special place in the home.

There are pet snapshots and there are Pet Portraits.  It’s all about taking that extra step and moving beyond cute snapshots.  Patience and a love of animals are crucial to capture a special pet portrait.  We use hand painted backgrounds and high powered strobe lights to create crisp, clear, stunning photographs of your pet.  Furthermore, our pet friendly trained staff can make your beloved pet comfortable during the portrait session.

First time to the studio with your pet?  Sign up for a custom pet portrait before December 1, 2014 and receive a 20% discount.

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